The Best Hosting Company of 2017

If you are scouting for the best hosting company in 2017 either because you have a new website or you are planning to change your web host provider, chances are you have come across SiteGround. Among the massive web hosts that have been sprouting these days, SiteGround is one of those who have surfaced at the top with amazing and unique features. The internet is rich of information about the best hosting company of 2017 so it would not be so difficult to check on companies and read customer reviews about them. You may also want to consider the following factors, when scouting for the best web host provider:

Traits of a Quality Web Hosting Provider

Shared hosting

For beginners, a traditional shared account can be a great. Non-shared or dedicated accounts usually suit those whose websites explode with much interest in the content. Shared hosting is cheaper as well. Anyone can stick to it for the meantime. Furthermore, this is a good start which can always be upgraded later.

Unlimited and incredible features

A host that allows unlimited features fares better than those who do not. Unlimited features means the host is giving the customer non-restrictions as well as incredible features like software and good service.

Technical support

When your account is a shared hosting one, and it is your website’s main source of being on the web, you can expect that at times, things go wrong. It is where technical support or customer service comes in. One of its best features mostly mentioned by customers is its very supportive and reliable tech support.

SiteGround prides itself on its tech support as it really invests a great deal on it. Their people in that department are reputed to be fast, patient, detailed and have superb technical know-how.

Money back period

Though not a big deal, the money back period is important and free trials give customers a safe option. If the supplier offers a trial period, the customer can always take back the registration and get his money back if he finds the service is not good for him.

Disk space and bandwidth

When shopping for a web host, you should consider your bandwidth and disk space. When your website has loads of graphics and videos, lots of pages and attracting traffic, it needs more disk space and bandwidth. There are available unlimited plans that you can check and pick.

OS Compatibility

Compatibility is critical so check what operating systems the web host provider is supporting before jumping in. Otherwise, you may be forced to change operating systems and that could be inconvenient.

Up-time and security

You get a web host provider to keep your website live. If the web host’s up-time is poor and inconsistent, it does not make sense. Nothing really matters more than keeping your website active. The best web hosts offer 98 to 99 percent up-time, so check if they fulfill that promise. Go here to read more reviews on SiteGround and note its tested up-time as per customer’s story.